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What They’re Saying

Chantal is absolutely amazing!!!  She is able to go really deep if that is the type of pressure you are looking for (which I am), but she can adjust the pressure needed depending on the individual.  She is also trained in cupping and Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST).


The combination of deep pressure, cupping and FST has contributed significantly to my management of pain and improved quality of life.  I no longer walk with a hobble (which is due to the FST) and I can manage my symptoms without having to rely on pain medications.


I saw Chantal for a 60-minute massage and it was great. I was having a shoulder issue and she really helped to loosen things up. She gave me some exercises to continue with at home. I really liked Chantal’s approach. She had a good understanding of my issue and gave me a solid, deep treatment. I will book with her again.


Chantal is an amazing massage therapist! She's well-informed, very knowledgeable, listens to your needs, and meets them expertly in your session. I recommend her highly!


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